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Inalum LogoOn January 6, 1976, PT. Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM), a joint venture company between the Government of Indonesia and Nippon Asahan Aluminium Co., Ltd. was established in Jakarta. INALUM is to construct and operate the Asahan Project, in accordance with Master Agreement. The shareholding ratio between the Indonesian Government and Nippon Asahan Aluminium Co., Ltd. on the establishment of the company was 10% to 90%. In October 1978 the ratio changed to 25% to 75% and since June 1987 it has been 41.13% to 58.87%. The share composition then changed to 41.12% for the Government of Indonesia and 58.12% for NAA Co., Ltd. on February 10, 1998.

To implement the provisions of Master Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia issued a Presidential Decree No. 5 of 1976 for the establishment of Asahan Development Authority as a representative of the Government responsible for the smooth construction and development of the Asahan Project.

INALUM can be recorded as a pioneer and the first company in Indonesia dealing with an aluminium smelting industry with a huge investment of 411 billion Yen .

In practice, the conversion of Inalum’s status from foreign investment company to state-owned enterprise happened on November 1st, 2013, as agreed in Master Agreement. Termination of contract between Indonesian government and Japanese corporation consortia took place on December 9th 2013, and by law Inalum officially declared as state-owned enterprise on December 19th 2013 after Indonesian government took over Inalum’s remaining shares that previously owned by the consortia. Inalum was becoming the 141st state-owned enterprise in Indonesia on April 21st, in line with government regulations No.26, 2014.

Currently PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) invites the best Indonesian candidates who have passion and high integrity to join our team as Executive Officer with following terms.

Tenaga Pelaksana


SMK graduate

  • Majoring in:

    • Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Engineering (any minor): 75 positions
    • Electricity Power Engineering (any minor, except Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineering) / Electronics Engineering (minor in Industrial Electronics, Mechatronics): 50 positions
    • Chemical Engineering (any minor): 15 positions
    • Computer and Informatics Engineering (minor in Software Engineering): 20 positions
  • Minimum UAN score for Mathematics 5.00
  • Minimum UAN score for Expertise Competency 7.50

SMA graduate

  • Majoring in:

    • IPA (minor in Physics / Chemistry): 60 positions
  • Minimum UAN score for Mathematics, Physics / Chemistry 5.00

Total: 220 positions

General Requirements

  • Age 18-22 years old by October 1, 2016
  • Have SMA / SMK diploma, or temporary diploma / Graduation Certificate (SKL) for 2017 graduates
  • Sound mind and body
  • Submit a Police Certificate (SKCK) on Medical Check-Up
  • Willing to be placed anywhere in PT Inalum (Persero) operational area

Required Documents

  • Recent color photograph size 3×4 cm 2 pieces
  • Photocopy of a valid National Identity Card (KTP) / Resi
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter
  • Legalized photocopy of SMA / SMK diploma, or temporary diploma / Graduation Certificate (SKL) for 2017 graduates
  • Photocopy of UAN transcript
  • Photocopy of Family Card
  • Original copy of these documents should be showed on registration

Recruitment Stages

  • Documents Screening
  • Academic Potential Test
  • Psychological Test
  • Interview
  • Medical Check-Up
  • Internship Program

Other Provisions

  • Recruitment process is free of charge
  • In case of data discrepancy, the applicant will be disqualified
  • Any decission related to this recruitment program cannot to be contested
  • All selection stages are conducted in cooperate with independent consultant

Those who are interested please send your application files directly to following addresses on July 17-21, 2017 on 9.00 am – 4.00 pm.

  • Gedung MPH
  • Perumahan INALUM – Tanjung Gading
  • Kecamatan Sei Suka
  • Kabupaten Batu Bara
  • Sumatera Utara


  • Gedung Explanation
  • Perumahan INALUM – Paritohan
  • Kecamatan Pintu Pohan Meranti
  • Kabupaten Toba Samosir
  • Sumatera Utara

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